XJ Boatside DIY KIT

Hooligan Off Road

$ 375.00 $ 425.00

Hooligan Off Road had created an innovative way to boatside your XJ!! THIS DIY KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE 2X6 STEEL!!! You can locally source the 2x6. This kit is meant to be combined with our mid stiffeners but most other mid stiffener brands out there will work too!! We strongly recommend against welding the boatsides to the Unibody alone. All 3 elements combine to create the most stout, strong and slippery mid section of an XJ available!! This kit requires a 2x6 rocker replacement which involves cutting out the factory rocker panels and significant welding. Please use our 2x6 kit if your XJ does not already have a 2x6 rocker replacement. Some additional fabricating/cutting may be necessary to make some long arm suspensions work. Make your XJ Hooligan Strong with our entire system of frame stiffeners and boatsides. DOES NOT INCLUDE 2x6 STEEL. YOU MUST SOURCE THE 2x6 LOCALLY!!

If you are doing the 2x6 Rocker Replacement please ADD our 2x6 Kit to your cart, which comes with specially designed C channel for easy mounting of the 2x6. Also comes with the end caps for the 2x6(2x6 not included)

Full Stiffener System available from front to rear.

This Kit Includes:

1/4" thick Boatside pieces (Driver & Passenger), front and rear facets and interlocking ribs. 

This Kit Requires:

Welding, 2x6 rocker replacement, mid stiffeners and possibly some grinding for fitment.




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