XJ 2x6 Rocker Replacement Kit

Hooligan Off Road

$ 225.00


SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!!!! This DIY kit does not include the 2x6 steel. It does however, come with 2 full length J channels CNC cut and bent to allow for super clean and strong mounting of the 2x6 (not included) The kit also includes 4 3/16 thick end caps for the miters of your 2x6. Significant cutting and welding is required.  The rocker is completely cut out, pinch seam and all.  You then weld in the J channel which provides a tight slot for the 2x6(not included) by capturing it top and bottom they create a very strong mounting platform.  Also no more having to weld to the body filler infested pinch seam, and not to mention no hammering the seam flat!!  Enjoy.

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