XJ Front Unibody Stiffeners

Hooligan Off Road

$ 300.00


SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!!!!! BEST STIFFENERS ON THE MARKET!!! NOW UNIVERSAL FOR LONG AND SHORT ARM!!! Short arm customers will cut out a chunk of steel using our keyed design. The best part is when you go to long arm you have the piece to weld in!!! We have made a press broken, unibody hugging  one piece front stiffener for the XJs!!  It is made from 3/16" steel and CNC brake formed in house. These have a wrap around design in the front and rear to provide ultimate strength for the weak unibody. Also includes an inner plate that reinforces the inside of the unibody where the steering box mounts and goes all the way back to the motor mounts. SOLD IN PAIRS. Now comes with  spacers you can weld in to eliminate the stock cast aluminum spacer. These spacers will accommodate the stock, Durango and S10 steering boxes. If you have a long arm suspension already, you have already cut off the stock LCA brackets and our stiffeners will wrap around the unibody all the way down to the mid section. If you are running the stock LCA brackets on the unibody, our short arm cutout is for you.  It pockets the mount and allows you to stiffen all of the other weak areas around it.  You will need to weld these plates in.  Clamping will be necessary to achieve proper fitment.  Some springs may lightly rub the unibody after installation, this will not affect performance. We recommend using a weldable primer when installing. 

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