ZJ 2x6 Rocker Replacement and Boatside Kit

Hooligan Off Road

$ 325.00

We have created something special with this kit.  The stock rocker on the ZJ is HUGE and putting rock sliders under them loses you more ground clearance. With this kit you will GAIN almost 3 inches of ground clearance over STOCK!!!! This kit DOES NOT include the 2x6 rectangular steel, you will have to source that locally. It does include 4 pieces of press broken US made 3/16" steel to create the strongest chassis stiffening option available for the ZJ. Also included are the facets to terminate the boatsides and the end caps to cap the 45 degree cut ends of the 2x6 rectangular tube. The "Z" bracket creates a nest for the 2x6 and a nice weld surface to attach it. Requires extensive cutting and welding of the unibody.  Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Ships in RAW steel form in pairs.

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